Yaar Na Bichray drama OST Lyrics-

New Yaar Na Bichray drama Ost Lyrics

Hum tv released a new drama  Yaar Na Bichray the ost of this drama will be uploaded soon and we will deliver the Lyrics of Yaar Na Bichray drama ost soon 

song/ost name - Yaar Na Bichray 

singer - 

Lyrics - 

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description about Yaar Na Bichray   - this song or ost is released in drama Yaar Na Bichray which is releasing on Hum tv and the drama is featuring dashing Zain baig in the lead role and very beautiful Zainab Shabbir in the lead of this drama. and Zhalay Sarhadi (Fiza) , Zohreh Amir (Saima) , Hammad Farooqi , Noor ul Hassan Muhammad , Irfan Motiwala ,Adnan Shah Tipu and Shaheen Khan they all are in the cast of Yaar Na Bichray .

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