all the girl names in Cars24 Ad- Husband Swayamvar AD 2021

 This post is all about the cast and the Girls O You Can Say Female Models Who Worked In Cars24 - The Husband ka Swayamvar Advertisement /ad :- 

First of All this is The Car  Cars24 - The Husband ka Swayamvar ad and the models/girl names are Written Down Below.

First Model / ad girl name :- 

Cars24 Finance Ad 1st Model

We are talking about Cars24 Finance Husband Swayamvar AD 2021 so we There is the Girls who says that we Should start a App Where we Can Choose the Husband And Test Them out The Name of that Model is NEHA Ayer

First Model / ad girl name is NEHA Ayer

All About Husband Swayamvar AD Girl -- Neha Ayer:- 

Neha ayer's Real Name is Neha Ayer Sharma

Second Model / ad girl name :- 

Cars24 Finance Ad 2nd Model

she is the First Girl Who started Talking in the Cars24 Husband Swayamvar AD Who says That Hey Yeh dekh Car 24 . so that's the girl and the model Girl Name is RYATASHA RATHORE and She is the girl  who Says I want Swayamvar 

First Model / ad girl name is RYATASHA RATHORE

All About Husband Swayamvar AD Girl -- RYATASHA RATHORE:- 
Ryatasha Rathore's Nick name is Ryatsh She is a Tv Actress and a Model Worked in TV Seriel Born in Singapore in 1993 Her Home Town is Mumbai and she is Single according to the 2019 info.

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